The Place For Your Enterprise Communication

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Easy communication across the company

Universe brings all of your information and communication neatly into one place – it’s a platform which makes it easy to view, follow and collaborate.

Universe is designed especially for companies using Google Apps. Communicate throughout your organization securely, find your co-workers and all company information in one place.

Universe brings your Enterprise communication to the next level.

Best of two worlds

Universe creates a bridge between two worlds: the modern always-on communication that is device agnostic bridging with the more stagnant information that is essential for enterprises.

Take a leap into Universe - Here's why:

Enterprise communications

All information and communication in one universal place.

Everything's searchable

Your knowledge base in order.

Easily findable

Find people or specific skills inside your organization.

Agile team work

Everything is structured to support efficient work.

Universe loves chat tools

Universe is not a chat tool. You can continue using your company chat tool for instant messaging. However, an effective enterprise still needs a place for stable communication.

Universe Discussion helps teams in messaging. Universe Stream offers companies’ communications departments a place for top-down communication.

Simple. Beautiful. Secure.